There is a chance to test your skills and face other players. The best participants will start their esports career under the colors of Anonymo Esports

You will be assigned to the team with which you will play the verification match against another team. Then, from the coaches watching the struggle, you will receive a mark for your performance. The players with the highest scores move to the next stage and the project continues until the top five participants are selected. These distinguished players will be contracted by a professional esports organization in Poland

Mateusz "Sówek" Kowalczyk

“After taking our main team out to European waters. Our participation in creating the Polish Valorant scene does not end there. I deeply believe in the new potential that the new players and the entire project bring with them. "



  • The tutor of the game Valorant in arrMY
  • Currently a trainer in the arrMY project for over two years
  • A CS 1.6 player from 2010, and from 2014 CSGO
  • As a competitor, he put a lot of effort into typical coaching tasks, e.g. taking care of the tactical preparation of the team and developing analyzes.
  • In the past, a teacher and trainer in esports classes
  • In his work as a coach, he mainly focuses on making mistakes by the team. He loves to observe the development of the entire team, because, as he says himself - progress never ends!
  • From the premiere, he was involved in the VALORANT title as a keen observer of the scene


  • Supervisor of the CS: GO game in arrMY
  • Currently a trainer in the arrMY project for over two years
  • He started his adventure with esports with CS 1.6, and later included a short episode in Leauge of legends. Finally, he joined CS: GO!
  • He has been working as a trainer since 2019, at the beginning he supported teams from the female scene, and finally focused on working in the project and supporting new talents. Even so, he had the opportunity to collaborate with CS's legends
  • In the work of a trainer, he is characterized by a visionary approach to the profession. He is looking for tactics and grenades that no one has ever presented to the world.


  • ArrMY project leader
  • He has been present in FPS games since 2006, professionally active in the industry since 2012
  • As a player, he has repeatedly participated in the most important national tournaments, taking top positions
  • As an employee of the training staff, he has repeatedly participated in world-class tournaments, including the world championships (MAJOR CS:GO), he appeared in the CHALLENGER phase in the USA and in Great Britain
  • In terms of coaching, he is sensitive about the decisions made by players.


  • Representative of the Anonymo organization and team manager of the Anonymo Mentos squad, which participates VCT competitions.
  • Trainer and Individual Analyst in FPS games.
  • More than 11 thousand hours spent on the server, from CS 1.6, CS:GO to Valorant.
  • He started his adventure with Valorant in a closed beta and since then has been following and participating in the the development of the esports scene.
  • Dedicated to the mission of finding and helping develop young talent

arrMY Starrs Valorant is your first step in your esports career.

Standard Extended package
Participation in the first arrMY staRRs Valorant check_circle check_circle
Individual verification of skills by the trainer check_circle check_circle
ArrMY assessment - LEVEL check_circle check_circle
A chance for a contract at anonymo esports check_circle check_circle
A chance to get to know future teammats check_circle check_circle
Esports CV do_not_disturb_on check_circle

Fight for your own career

Prove yourself in verification matches, get better and better grades, get valuable comments from coaches. Compete with other participants for the title of the best.

Contract in an esports organization


More than rankings

Matches in arrMY Starrs are not ranked. This is a real combat test, where each player has a predetermined role and strategies are set before each map. Everyone cares about it, so get ready for a bit of a tryhard.

Verify your skills

Trenerzy będą non-stop obserwować jak sobie radzisz w grze, jak komunikujesz się ze swoimi teammate’ami, ale również jak wygląda twoja etyka pracy oraz jaki wykazujesz potencjał. Wszystkie te aspekty złożą się na ocenę, którą trenerzy wystawią w skali 1-10. Na każdym etapie Twoja ocena może ulec poprawie.


arrMY Starrs is a unique opportunity to make yourself known to a wider audience. You have the chance to get noticed by other professional players as well as by the team-building staff.

Esports CV

For an additional fee, you will receive your own personalized Esports CV, in which the coaches will describe your skills. Such a CV will help you in your self-presentation and will certainly make it easier in introducing yourself to the team you would like to play for.

The course of the stages of arrMY Starrs Valorant

  • Coaches make up the line-up of the available players
  • Arranging the date of the match between the two teams
  • Before the match: an hour-long discussion inside the team - establishing a strategy
  • Match: Two maps are played. Coaches watch the match and listen to communication.
  • Feedback: the coaches talk individually with each player after the game
  • Rating: The coaches give the player a score on a scale of 1-10
  • The competitors with the best results advance to the next stage.
  • The cycle repeats itself until the top five players remain
* The number of stages will depend on the number of participants

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